Call for Research Papers

2019 National Conference of Theoretical Computer Science (NCTCS2019)

Call for research papers

National Conference of Theoretical Computer Science (NCTCS) has become the main academic activities in the area of theoretical computer science. Up until 2019, NCTCS has been successfully held over 20 cities and for 36 times. It provides a platform for scholars in theoretical computer science or related areas to exchange ideas and build possible cooperations.


Sponsored by the China Computer Federation (CCF), NCTCS 2019 is hosted by the CCF Theoretical Computer Science Committee and School of Information Science and Engineering at Lanzhou University. It will be held on August 2 to 4, 2019 in Lanzhou, China (check in at August 2). As an important academic event in the 110th anniversary celebration of Lanzhou University, the conference will invite researchers with high reputation in the field of theoretical computer science domestically and internationally to give keynote talks, carry out a wide range of academic activities and introduce recent advanced research results.


NCTCS2019 calls for high quality research papers, and requirements are as follows:

1. To further improve the academic quality, NCTCS2019 will continue the spirit of previousNCTCSs. In addition to calling for papers unpublished or not willing to publish in other journalsor conferences, we continue to solicit papers published in world-class academic journals or top conferences (Please indicate the original publication of your paper, after acceptance, we will invite the authors to give presentation in NCTCS2019, but the paper will not be included in the NCTCS2019 Proceedings).


2. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to
(1) Algorithms and Complexity
(2) Algorithm Designing
(3) Software Theory and Method
(4) Data Science and Machine Learning Theory
(5) Web Science Base Theory
(6) Parallel and Distributed Computing
(7)Computational Model: Quantum computing, computational economics, socialcomputing, bioinformatics, cloud computing, etc.


3. Submission guidelines

The conference will accept both Chinese and English papers. Accepted English Papers will be
published in the series of Springer Communications in Computer and Information Science (EIindexed). Accepted Chinese papers will be published in Journal of Huazhong University ofScience and Technology (Natural Science Edition) (EI Indexed), Journal of Frontiers of Computer Science and Technology, Computer Engineering and Science, Computer Science, Journal of Lanzhou University (Natural Sciences), or Journal of Zhengzhou University (Natural Science Edition).


The Program Committee will select excellent Chinese papers (student as the first author) to Journal of Computer Research and Development, and excellent English papers to be extended and recommended to Theoretical Computer Science (SCI indexed) or other SCI indexed journals.


4. Template
Chinese submissions should follow the Chinese paper template (download).
English submissions should follow the Springer CCIS format, single column, 10-20 pages (Seedetails in, Instructions for CCIS Authors).


5.  Key Dates
Submission: April 15, 2019

Notification: Jane 01, 2019


6. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically in online submission system:
Please fill in Chinese information for Chinese paper and English information for English paper on the website. Please submit in word or PDF format.


7. Conference website:


8. Contact: Longjie Li
Phone: 18919969804


China Computer Federation (CCF), Theoretical Computer Science Committee
School of Information Science and Engineering, Lanzhou University
January30, 2019